What are the features of Sunbrella?
  • 100% 8 ounce (or more) solution-dyed acrylic fabric with locked-in colors.
  • Stands up to sun, wind, and rain without fading, retaining its original beauty for years.
  • Mildew does not grow on Sunbrella fabric as long as there is no food, dirt or other organic matter on the cover Cleaning Info
  • Sunbrella umbrella fabrics have been tested and proven to give up to 98% UV protection in shade applications and have been awarded the “Seal of Recommendation” by The Skin Cancer Foundation, an international organization dedicated to the prevention of skin cancer.
Do I need to return the defected umbrella to you?

We do not request for returns in most of cases. However, a digital picture might be needed to prove defected problems.

How long does it take to receive replacement parts?

It takes 3 to 5 business days for delivery by FedEx ground.

What if I lost my receipt for warranty service?

Sam’s Club provides great service for all members. You may contact your local Sam’s Club to request for a duplicate receipt.

Do you provide warranty for my umbrellas?

Yes, you umbrella has one year warranty. We replace parts for defect or missing parts issues. Please feel free to contact us for any questions, and provide a valid copy of receipt (by Sam’s Club) to us by fax, mail, or email.

How to maintain my umbrella?

In bad weather conditions, we highly recommend that umbrellas be closed, removed from their base, and stored, or laid horizontally. This will reduce the risk of damage to your umbrella, furniture, and other belongings or property. To ensure stability of your umbrella, please observe proper placement, and use sufficient weight (base). Weather damage is NOT covered under any umbrella warranty.

TOWA umbrellas are all rust-free! They are made of aluminum and are designed to require minimum maintenance. Cleaning with mild soap and water, and seasonal touch-up to any scratches and chips is all that is required. Touch Up paint in matching frame colors is available through your local home centers.

Can I replace the umbrella fabric for 8’ beach umbrellas?

No, the fabric and 16-fiberglass ribs are pre-seamed together and packed as one piece in carry bag. The 8’ beach umbrella and 8’ hula umbrella have the same structure.

What is fiberglass?

Fiberglass (or fibreglass) (also called glass-reinforced plastic, GRP, glass-fiber reinforced plastic, or GFRP), is a fiber reinforced polymer made of a plastic matrix reinforced by fine fibers of glass. Fiberglass is a lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material.

What is SPF?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It is the ratio of UV radiation dose required to produce recognizable redness on skin that has been protected with a sunscreen from the UV radiation dose required to produce the same redness on unprotected skin (using a clinical test procedure on human skin). SPF tells you how much longer it will take for your skin to begin to redden with the product on than if your skin was unprotected. The percentage of burning UV rays that a product blocks does not increase proportionally with the SPF value. So SPF values indicate a function of skin reddening.

Do Sunbrella® fabrics provide UV protection?

Sunbrella fabrics have been tested and proven to provide up to 98 percent UV protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Whites and lighter colored fabrics provide less protection than darker fabrics, which have more depth of color. This protective factor is inherent to the product and will not be reduced by usage and/or fabric exposure to the sun.

Is Sunbrella® fabric waterproof?

Sunbrella fabric is not waterproof, but it is water repellent. This means that during the finishing process, a water-repellent finish is applied to the fabric. Normal wear and usage will reduce the effectiveness of this finish, as will cleaning the fabric.

How to auto tilt your umbrella?

It tilts by the cranking system. Crank the umbrella all the way up. You can feel the crank is getting tight, DO NOT WORRY. Continue cranks a little bit more, and then it tilts by itself.

How to remove the 10’ umbrella fabric to a new 10’ umbrella frame?

Step 1. Close down umbrella by crank. Unscrew top finial

Step 2. Pull fabric pocket from each rib. Total 8 ribs.

Step 3. Remove fabric to new umbrella frame.